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Northsea Jazz Fest Recap July 14, 2010

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pic of me and my bikewow, what a weekend!  Played my first Jazz Festival (Northsea Jazz Festival) and it was great.  I look foreward to more of these! you can watch my video diary here!

The whole trip was cool, figuratively, because literally, it was HOT! really really hot on the train from Berlin to Holland.  And that coupled with the delays was enough to drive you crazy. through it all i got to speak to some american sustainability engineers about the new fed mandate for pedestrian and cycle access in the US and agreed that it was MAJOR (check it out)  but when i got there i met the cats who had brought me to the festival.  Egbert and Humberto  (da Sole Collecitve) were super cool and showed me the funkier side of Rotterdam…and it definitely has one!

the first night, I played the Boogie Ball.  I was supposed to play on the saturday night before Questlove, but it didnt happen, so got to be the feature guy for the Friday night!  and besides the sound system problems early on, it was dope.  I was really happy that people were getting into the sound.  sometimes you dont know how a new audience is going to respond to a dude with a carbon fiber helmet and a digital horn, but people were vibing (whew!)

I also got to hang out at the Festival the next day.  there was definitely a vibe in the air, and not just because the World Cup finals were the next day (more on that in a sec…).  And some amazing artists.  a wide range of artists for whom improvisation is a way of life.  I think i might work on doing more of these things.  it was like a convention for sound.  like you were going to presentations of metaphor.  and everyone in these presentations is there to gain something valuable.  that music is tangible and respected.  it felt as if “jazz” is finding new life in a new century.

the following day was performance day and there was one topic; World Cup.  Our set had been rescheduled because it was during the World Cup and apparently, no one would be there if we played thru it (they’re “little” football crazy here), so we did one hour before and an hour after and after the result (Holland-where the festival is-lost) so we had to really work, because people werent happy.  we did our thing and thru down, but we had to work for it because of all the crushed dreams littered around.

afterward, i decided that i had not been able to express myself fully, so i got my gear and did a make up set in the parking lot!  felt really good to be able to use both methods (stage and street) to get the word out and connect with new fam.

so, now i am in Amsterdam plotting my next trajectory.  i think i am going to head to paris for a bit, camping along the way, then on to Spain.  been wanting to investigate Barcelona for quite some time and see how it affects my playing and sound ideas.  then ideally ending up in ibza where i hope to not get arrested for all the playing i’m going to be doing there.  But “ideally” is pretty relative.  the goal is to play many interesting places this summer and hopefully have new places to come back to.  Iwill report back after the next FTL jump is complete.




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