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Obituary for a Hat. August 3, 2010

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This is an obituary for a hat.  My beloved hat was lost to me on July 20th, 2010 as (or just before) i was checking into the Bois de Bologne campground in Paris, France.  I paid for my camping spot, came out to my bike and gear and noticed that the hat wasn’t on the rear bike rack where it always rode.  and that was that…poof!  back to the essence.

During My hat’s short existence, it was loved.  I had spent 6months in London in the first half of 2009, and had decided that i wanted to busk throughout the summer.  there were 3 things i knew i simply had to have; a folding bike, a bike trailer and a nice hat.  with a nice hat, you can wear almost any bullshit you want from the neck down because the right hat will make the statement.  it will tell people that you may dress like a hobo, but you have style that may not be fully on display today.  and for someone like me, who has dressed like a hobo on more than one occasion, that’s a big deal.

the other thing is that i have an abnormally large head.  I like to think that it houses a big brain, but more than likely, Its just a really big head.  for almost 17 years, i sported a full head of locks that, at their longest, were waist length, although from 2000 forward, they were usually shoulder length.  I loved my locks!  they had the effect of disguising the true size of this fully functional deathstar, but they also had the side effect of making even XXL hats look like a yamika.

In 2005 I cut my locks, mostly.  hats at that point were more for covering my “creative” haircut, than for style, so i was now free to find find a slip cover for this bus, but its not as easy as that, is it. when you cut off your locks, you change. your perspective. your style. clothes that looked good with long hair, now look silly.  you must redifine your aesthetic concept.  and lest we forget…my head is big so it restricted me to hats with stretchy headbands and such, which was how i rolled for 3-4 years.
but then in May of 2009 as i prepared to return to Berlin from my 6month sojourn in London, I happened upon a clothing shop on oxford street and noticed, as i do, the great selction of hats they had. classic hat designs but slightly more updated colors and materials.  but i’ve been hurt before.  i usually see such hats and decide to attempt to try it on only to have it balance on my head like a thimble on a beachball.  everyone points and laughs and i run, crying, into the street,big head tilting uncontrollably from side to side like a newborn baby.  but a funny thing happened…i picked up the hat,placed it on my head and…IT FIT PERFECTLY!  PER-FECT-LEEE!

I take the hat off and examine it.  nope…no whistles or beer holding apparatus…it was a real hat.  next i go outside the store to make sure it wasn’t a “big headed man hat” store of some sort, but no…it was a typical oxford street urban mens store. I try the hat on again…oooh, so this is what it feels like to wear a nice hat for hats sake. the front sitting just above my brow,and the back resting just below my crown.  the rim hovered about an inch above the tips of my ears.  it could move around on my head, meaning that it wasn’t so tight that i would get a headache!  and it looked good with my T-shirt!  it didn’t look like I stole it from some country preacher.  it was contemporary and classic simultaneously!

there were at least 2 dozen hats of slightly varying styles and color combinations,but i wanted a proper summer look; light color,classic wear-with-anything style and just like that, there it was. a very nice beige and black herringbone design.  i put it on and knew that it was coming with me.
from that day,i wore that hat almost everyday last summer,and much of the winter.  it made me feel my age without feeling old. it made me feel like my head might not be “that” enormous if someone made such a nice hat to fit it perfectly.  i purchased a bit of confidence when i bought that hat. and even after i tired of wearing it so much and especially seeing it in so many pictures, i still had a bond with it and simply gave it new duties, like collecting tips and blocking out sunlight when  i need to sleep on long trips.  at clubs, i had to remain vigilent because at least a half dozen people a night fell in love with it and tried to separate us,to no avail. alas, it seems as if it was one speed bump, or strong wind or both that dislodged it from my life and i will miss it.
All things must end and  so it is with my hat.  i hope that whoever finds it gets as much pleasure from it as i did.  i’m much happier with my head and hair than i was last year at this time,so maybe i’ll just rock that for a while until the next hat finds me.

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