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nomadic diary-Ibiza update August 15, 2010

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Greetings all. I am working on a long form Spain diary entry, but I feel like i should update a bit more frequently until the big post is ready, and since I have a bit of time before my pasta is finished cooking, I figured I should do one now.

Since my last post, I have arrived in Spain and spent a bit of time in Barcelona, sitges, and currently, the island of Ibiza. Long story short…I don’t think I investigated Barcelona properly as I found the city irritating and overcrowded with easy-jetsetters. I found the police to be overzealous and the people Met weren’t very friendly. Notice I said “I met” meaning that I simply didn’t investigate as much as I should have to find the cool peeps, although my friend t-bird introduced me to a couple of very cool locals, so I feel that I didn’t look hard enough.

Sitges is a small gay resort town south of barca and it was way more fun and chilled out, but Ibiza so far is amazing and not for the commonly publicized reasons. I have only been to one club since I got here, and that was SPACE where I played last week. No, the best parts have been things like camping on the beach at la playa d’en bossa, performing at esXiringuito, and bartering 3 nights at the es Cana campground in exchange for a live set. There is so much to say and talk about but I wanted to post something in between just to not let it get too ungainly.

I am looking at being back in Berlin by early sept, when I will do a full audio visual recap butnsuffice it to say that this expereince will have lasting repercussions for me and my art. And I am actuallynlooking forward to the german winter so ICANN get back to work on the controller project and the book.

Til later, ciao!



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