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nomadic diary- 23rd august August 23, 2010

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image1936760771.jpgSlight bit of stress today. Half my ram in my laptop died. Which means (a) I have to replace it BUT (b) I must first find a place that will sell it. Until then, I must chop my performance sound set in half so it will run at all. Couple that with the decision by the beach palace guys, to not have me play at the afterparty at Martini’s last night (although I did still play the pre party at Beach Palace and scored a phat gig on a catamaran), and marinate that in the wonderful viscous concoction of insect repelent, sweat and sun screen that coats every inch of my body when I wake in the morning, you could say that today was slightly less that ideal, although still on the high end of good

One thing that s freaking me out though is the intense interest people take in my bike and trailer. I’m going to get carpel tunnel from all the thumbs ups!! I don’t know if it’s the bike, the trailer, the Black dude riding them or all of thee above. The attention is positive mostly, but it’s constant. Especially when I have all the road gear on. People act like they’ve never seen a black bike-touring, busking, 2-speed brompton riding cyclist before…sheesh!

But now I’ve made it back to Es Cana for tonights jam session. Really just an excuse to hang out with some of the coolest people I have met on this island. And te campground is blissfully less mosquito infested than la playa den bossa. Those big bastards are like the flying Arachnids from starship troopers. It’s been a serious excercise in speed to pitch my tent, throw all my shit in there and hermetically seal myself in, without giving them time and opportunity to come in with it. My “in tent, search and destroy” technique has been to turn on the light once I’m settled, thus drawing them to it where I can ease their swift transition to the afterlife.

So I plan to play with these cats tonight and see what 1gb ram will mean to my playing. One of the cats is a dude named miko who used to tour with Prince, in the 80’s and was a close personal confidant to eddie murphy after that. Intersting dude with MANY a story to tell. But before that, I must go check out a local venue that everyone keeps telling me to go to, and then burn up some more discs for the hippy Market on Wednesday.

I would try to end this post with some Spanish but I know I’ll just spell it wrong and look goofy, so I’ll just say l8r.

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