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nomadic diary-new rituals August 23, 2010

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image1455593168.jpgGreetings all. I have decided to post a bit before the big post as I have no idea anymore exactly what date I will be leaving Ibiza. Although I am axious to get back to Berlin, I am also excited by the possibilities that continue to unfold here.

I don’t know why the same story keeps repeating itself with me. One reason I throw caution to the wind and do what I do is because no one grasps beatjazz until they see it first hand. CDs don’t work as they are only audio. YouTube works a bit but you don’t get the sense that everything is being assembled improvisationally, live. And trying to explain it is about as attractive as explaining the active ingredients in laundry detergent and usually goes something like…”yeah, it’s like a digital sax thing and he plays all the parts and it sounds like anything…”no club owner/promoter wants some unknown freakshow consisting of shit they’ve never heard of and don’t understand, to send their patrons running, hands over ears, to te nearest other venue…no…if I can play for anyone for 30-40 seconds,live, no other explanation is neccessary. So it is in my interest to “be” as many places as possible. That said, the next stage in the game is politics. Onyx’s law of club politics states that not only will someone at every venue hate you for no reason, but it’s intensity will be inversely proportional to how much everyone else digs you. To them, the only thing worse than a freakshow that comes and kills off your night is a freakshow who comes and rocks the house, possibly upsetting the status quo.

Beyond this, contacts are being made and the sound is evolving. Been using more Bari sax and fretless bass with a massive increase in the usage and acceptance of cowbell! They dig cowbell in Ibiza…who knew.

I am feeling pretty confident as a camper now. I can pitch this bastard in pitch black darkness. Every little footstep doesn’t freak me out anymore and I trust my body to get me from point a to b no Matter the distance. The trailer is starting to scream for mercy, but I think I’ve patched it well enough to survive til I get back to Berlin.

Today I bike (the sane road…not the wagon trail I biked last week…) back to es Cana for a jam session with some really cool heavy cats. Before that, it’s the morning ritual of a swim in the sea and, a shower on the beach, after I pack up the crib. As long as i’ve got camping gas, rice and coffee, I should be able to remain somewhat sustainable as I chiP thru the layers of political beauracracy. Feel free to contribute to the rice fund thru my paypal acct.(onyxashanti@gmail.com) Every little but helps:-) Til tommorrow. Onyx

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