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nomadic diary-russian roulette; a lifestyle August 24, 2010

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image934590139.jpgLet’s clear a few things up shall we. I assume that some people think that I must have money. And some think that I have “some” money. I can understand why. Everytime I post, it is from some new location. And I am playing all these places so I must be raking in the dough. Those are fair, albeit wrong, assumptions. You would be amazed at how many places you can go and things you can do if you have a demonstrable skill.

There was a piece of advice I recieved the first time I left the US; learn to bartend. There are bartenders EVERYWHERE and you can always find work. Music is similar. You can barter So much! Travel, accomidations, jet ski lessons, cooking classes, etc. And always remember that money is simply a standardized means of assigning value. You can, at times, skip the promisory note and simply trade your goods and/or services for someone elses. But…

There are times when you need the promisory notes. Yesterday morning as I checked my email my laptop shut down and wouldn’t boot back up. Upon harried inspection I discovered that half my RAM had died. Which isn’t too bad when websurfing, but for music production it’s like trying to cook a 7 course meal with my camping stove: it’s possible, but not really useable or efficient. So suddenly, the free spirit vibe is jarringly replaced with capitalist neccessity.

I decided to take what small amt I had and fix the ram, but now other things get postponed. So I decided to get more blank CDs and invest a fair amount of artistic energy on making them look great for a show I am doing tommorrow. I was going to do that anyway, but now I must do it.

This life is very much like Russian roullette. There are so many variables that must be seen to but at a certain point, you take a deep breath and pull the trigger. There is a bullet in there somewhere, but you keep playing because the rewards are life affirming. There are days that I think “what the fuck were you thinking!?!” but each time you nudge forward into an uncertain future, and survive, you gain a bit more strength for the next challenge. Or that’s the party line at least.

So now I am off to dub some CDs and prepare to spin the barrel on another day. Ciao.



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