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Nomadic Diary-World Domination August 26, 2010

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image1759222758.jpgMy plan for world domination is proceeding as planned…almost. I must remember to read the can of the spray paint I intend to use for painting my CDs. I found a really nice tint of yellow for this batch, but i didn’t realize until after I had painted all 24 (the 25th cdr was used to create a RAM diagnostic boot disc to make sure the ram I bought was in good condition, which it was) that the paint was to take 2-3 hours to dry. WTF?! I guess I just assumed that all spray paint was quick dry paint…I was wrong.

I left them drying in this wooded clearing for an hour or while I went back to camp to prepare to play the hippie Market in punta arabi. This week I had my own location. When I went back to retrieve them, they were dry-ish enough. I signed each one, scribbled my logo on, and put a business card in each case and headed off to the Market.

From what I’ve gleaned, Ibiza has been a long time hippie haven. They don’t adhere to mainland politics. That vibe is evident at this market. I set up in a corner of a side street. People were genuinely vibing on it. And, surprisingly, people dug the spray-paint-drying-in-the-woods story that accompanied each purchase. (on a side note for another post, I find that the pay-what-you-want model doesn’t really work here. Too much to think about. They like a set price and not neccessarily the lowest one. Many recognize that they are not buying a cd (the box), but rather buying what’s on the cd (in the box). Nice. ) The only reason I eventually packed up and left was because it was like the surface of the sun, in the late afternoon. I am not the one.

So cut to today, I am preparing to do a english to Spanish translated beatjazz “show and tell” for a group of 4-5 year olds that will camping in the tee pee’s here on the campground. That should be cute. Then I prepare for my show tommorrow at a bar called Chirancana here in Es Canar. It sits aproximately 20m from the beach and is adjacent to the laPlaya Ibiza camground. This will be a great gig. Chilled out. When there is no impetus to keep people dancing, I feel free to explore different time signatures and rhythmic/harmonic constructs. I predict it will be as good or better than the Bachhund gallery mixtape (yes, I will be recording it as well as using many new sound designs)

Haven’t done as many club shows as I thought I would have wanted to do before I got here. The clubs don’t like to pay anything and the patrons only want to hear the latest commercial dross served up by whoever is hot in mixmag this week. Luckily, there are many many people here who love music and they tend to congregate in really interesting areas like here in es canar. For instance, next week, I am doing a set on a large catamaran bound for Formentera!! That’s MUCH better than a club! Pays better too. May actually be able to fly out of here the following week. Despite the amazing time I having, I am anxious to get back to Berlin and resume speaking my uninteligible deutsche, get started on the Berlin version of my Backlit Lounge parties http://www.myspace.com/backlitloungesf and start preparing for my 40th b-day party, which the few people who know the details, know is going to be insane, figuratively and literally. So I am slowly saying goodbye to paradise but “regular” life is just as good.

Ok, I have to take care of today’s task list. L8r. Onyx



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