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nomadic diary- the next generation August 27, 2010

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image1027930545.jpgHoly hell!! To have such a great memory of playing to a group of 5year olds distracted by the pain of some bad sleep position/slight dehydration-induced neck pain trauma, is sad, but still not enough to mute it’s glow.

Last night was very very cute. The children were all part of an overnight school camping trip. It’s hard to realize that children are so tiny. And that their personalities are so distinct even at that size and age. You could see the future doctors and the current bullies. Class clowns and princesses. Laguage barriers did nothing to cover these aspects up. Were we all so…predetermined, at that age?

Anyway, I was nervous because small children don’t tryto save ur feelings. If they dont like you, that’s it. You may as well pack it up. Last week, during my set here at es Cana campground, one of the little girls in attendance plugged her ears with her fingers and started to cry. Not the droid I was looking for. So I approached this weeks excercise with the same attention I would devote to any other gig and I determined that the easiest thing would be to give them the mic and vocode their loud high pitched utterances. I tested the idea on a couple the older kids that were camping at the camp, first and it was just what I theorized; make a kid sound like a robot and you are king!

So when the younguns finished eating, around 9:15pm, we did a little “show and tell” where I would play a sound and they would tell me what it was and they were always right, not because they were right, but because I couldn’t understand one word out of their collective mouths. Me no ablah espanol. So I simply screamed “SIE!!”each time and kept playing. It wasn’t until I let them lose on the vocoder that the party really began. What was, at first, a struggle to get the first child to approach the mic, became a spitty scream fight for vocoder dominance. They weren’t too bad but I had forgotten how mean small children can be to each other. My absolute favorite was a little girl that looked like a tine version of M. Night Shaymalan…she was adorable! She stood right next to the laptop and stared at me without blinking, face straight as a board. Then at the very end she decided that she wanted to step to the mic and see what all the fuss was about. She creeped up, I already had it engaged for her, she made the tiniest little noise…something like ,”reh…”, heard it sound funny, then back away quickly, looked a little confused as she retracted her little hand, and walked away, just like that. I wish I had a video of that moment.

All in all, the excercise went well enough that the teachers want me to do it again at their school next week, but unfortunately, I will be rocking out on a very large catamaran, sailing to an even more gorgeous island…the tyranny of it all. But I am seeing more and more that there is more to dance music and to electronic music than clubs. Here in Ibiza, it’s very telling that pacha has such a dominating presence because it seems that every single club I’ve encountered may as well just be the same club because the music coming out of them is exactly the same which is sad. But that’s a differnt post.

Afterward, I djed a bit and me and a few of the “grownups” had a little dance and a couple of drinks in the balmy hot night air. Mission accomplished. I discovered a new demographic and simultaneously bartered another week at the campground.

Today will be spent preparing to play the bar at “the other” campground, Chirincana at the laPlaya Ibiza campground. Very picturesque. I want some seriously “islandy” sounds for this set. Besides practice and some sound design, I will be downing ibuprofen like skittles and begging the camp
Maseusse(?) to dig this, what I feel is a, pinched nerve, out from it’s new vacation spot in my vertebrae. Til tommorrow. Onyx


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