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nomadic diary-chirincana was great and notes to remember August 28, 2010

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image258452828.jpgFirst, there is some insight I’ve gleaned over the last few weeks that I feel I should share at this point;

Insect repellant AFTER a shower works better and stinks less.

A bag of shitty coffee equals a week of so-so mornings

A bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide a second in value only to ibuprofen in absolute usefulness. And it’s better than toothpaste as it kills all mouth bacteria.

Wash anything that needs washing, in the first sink available to you (dish detergent works wonders) rather than waiting until enough stuff warrants a full “load” of laundry because it just make all you clothes stink otherwise.

Bike clothes look silly but work like magic when on a bike!!

Rolled up jeans do not a pillow make. Attempt at your own peril.

Water is your only friend. Everybody and everything else are just buddies.

I will add more as they come to me. Did the chirincana gig last night and wow, what a funky little place. Situated between a campground full of hippies and a rocky cove full of small boats, it was the kind of place you go to sleep dreaming about. When I arrived the sun was just dipping behind some far off hills and all I could think was, “come on! Give me fucking break! What’s next?! A flock of doves and two dolphins jumping out of the water on the horizon?!”. Needless to say, it was beautiful.

We sat the system up facing the water and I started reasonably confidently yet ambiently(sic) and went thru a range of Ibiza inspired expressions. Although it wasn’t a dancing crowd, people danced and grooved.

It is/was surprisingly hot here at night, which never fails to catch me off guard. Although this night I was happier than normal about it. After two days with neckpains, Christian, the camp
Maseuse worked a miracle on it. Him and the exceedingly strong cheap ibuprofen I was able to procure (2euro, 600mg, x40!!!). The night heat kept any lingering cramps at bay.

Finished my set, consumed my requisite post-set gin&tonics, came back to camp. Today I gotta bike down to Ibiza town to retrive my battery and maybe, just maybe, venture out to San Antonio just to finally see why no one-not one single person I’ve ever spoken to- has ever had a nice thing to say about it. I’d say that’s a reason to go in itself! More news at 11! L8r.



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