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nomadic diary-farewell escana September 2, 2010

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image976725079.jpg(hand drawn by Finley-8yrs old)
RIGHT! feeling a bit too chilled. Relaxation is good for the body, mind and spirit, and I am very relaxed but I feel that now that it is September, I must start snapping into that other me”mode”.

I revel in spring and summer. It allows the duality of my sign, libra, to be on display. Summer is relaxing, playing, socializing, loving, performance time. It’s like a memory that’s happening in real time. I adore that time. But there are consequences.

Studying anything? No. Studio work? Ehhh…some. Programming? Haha! Not so much. Writing a book? Not even slightly. Those activities require that one sit and dedicate valuable daylight or more valuable warm nighttime to accomplish them. Won’t say that I won’t happen, but it hasn’t happened and I don’t see it changing. No, the summer is stage time. Lights camera and all that shit. It’s playing at block parties and and impromptu jam sessions and, in my case, rinsing concepts that took all winter to work on like the iPhone-mounted-to-the-back-of-my-hand, gestural control concept.

But today, I am sad. I accidently happened upon the es Cana campground and it ended up being my favorite place on the whole island. The kind of place that makes you think that if your new friends were to meet your old friends, they’d instantly get along. A place full of children laughter and great conversations, nubbin (as in eddie murphys “wookin pa nub” and if you’ve never heard that before, then you’re too young to read my shit), and audiences that geuinely vibed on the beatjazz sound and concept. Pure relaxation. A true home away from home and I am very sad to be leaving, but…

When it’s time to go, it’s time to go and I will let the memories do what they are supposed to do; make me want to come back next year. Meanwhile, it’s time to do some playin because I gotta achieve escape velocity soon. On a side note, I added bar ends and, soon, pedal straps, to my brompton to allieviate some of the muscle aches I’m experiencing, and to get a bit more power to drag 60kgs of shit back down the 19km to Ibiza town, battery and all. Full report on these addition next post. L8r. Onyx



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