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nomadic diary-row row row your catamaran wknd review September 6, 2010

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image456674377.jpgWhat a weekend!

Although I am to head back to Berlin, there seems to be a rapid succession of unfinished business to attend to here. “the island isn’t done with me yet” to paraphrase the oft used LOST quote.

Saturday was the catamaran party to Formentera. I’ve never been on a catamaran, so this was going to be interesting. I will spare you a weather description other than to say that it was slightly cooler than the last few weeks (weeks?!?). The demographics of the party consisted of mostly Germans, Italians, and British people, all ready to party but somewhat subdued at this early point around 5pm. I set everything up on what seemed to be the control area, which, scarily, Is where the decks were too. But upon a quick look around I noticed that the capt had staked out the rear right corner to do his skipper thang, complete with the big skipper wheel. All good.

We took off into the Mediterranean and I noticed two things; 1. The water is gorgeous the further away from shore we got and 2. all of the “islands” out there between Ibiza and Formentera look like big rocks sticking up out of the water. I guess I was expecting to see Maui or something.

The first dj did his thang til 7 which is when I and dj salvatore dropped in to the mix. By that point, we had dropped anchor off shore of Formentera. It’s beautiful, but from the way people gush over it, I was expecting Shangrila or something. By the point, people seemed to be waking up a bit and were diving off the side of the boat, so you know it’s a party now.

Salvatore played mostly techno and I added my herbs and spices to the mix and the whole thing was well recieved, although i must admit that I would have liked a bit of a solo spot late in the mix, but that’s what negotiations are for so i will remember that point for next time. The party was a raging success. So much so that we celebrated back at playa den bossa.

At this point, my recollection of events becomes spotty. I vaguely remember an after party, and after-after party, and everyone going to SPACE. I could have gone but seeing as how I am working to get back to Berlin, I have to be scupulous, so I elected to bike the 19km back to the campground, in pitch blackness, at 3:30 in the morning.

Did I mention PITCH black. No lights except high beams from oncoming traffic or highbeams from behind, wondering if they see your pathetic bike lights. Oh, and seriously inebriated. I vaguely remember starting the journey, and murmuring to myself, “do not die tonight” over and over like some sort of mantra. I could see about 10ft in front of me and when my blurry vision was trying to run me off the road or into traffic, iwas reasonably ok. All I remember was ending up in santa eulalia not knowing where I was briefly, then on the short distance to es Cana, safe and sound. Whew!

Yesterday, I didn’t do shit. Nothing. I sat in one place all day, chatted, and drank beer to mask my hangover. But even that was nice, and neccessary because…

Tommorrow I head to the other side of the island; San Antonio! I don’t know what to expect. Could be great…could be shit…guess I will find out when i get there.

Tommorrow will also be exactly 1 month since I arrived here. Things are cool and interesting, but I am ready to head back soon. As you know, I have to make the money to get back, so the quest is still afoot. So far, mixing busking and clubs has worked and has ensured that I will be able to come work here next season. My goal is to be back in Berlin within the next 10days but I have to see what the island has to say about that. Where is Jacob when you need him (ok, that was the last LOST reference) ciao!


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