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nomadic diary-one road leads to San Antonio…ONE! September 7, 2010

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image1342030687.jpgI really hate that (a) all my best pics are on the other camera and (b) im not in many of them. You see, this blog is done entirely from my iPhone, including the pics. And iblogger only allows one pic per post unfortunately. But i will do what I did yesterday, and upload a few pics to an online album.

The title of this post should be “long ass day”. It was looooong. The astute reader will have noticed that I actually didn’t check out of es Cana until yesterday. And it was really hard to do. Such a beautiful place with beautiful people, BUT, I didn’t come to Ibiza to live at es Cana. I came to play and unless I wanted to be a regular attraction at the, albeit, wonderful hippy Market, it was time to speed my wings and continue my adventure.

The previous day, I went back down to Ibiza town to get my trailer and gear which I had left at es xiringiuto. I had my requisite cheesburger with bacon and a fried egg, which knocks me out for about an hour, but afterward, gives me the energy to easily bike back to the camp ground. I felt strangely….powerful. I wasnt winded when I arrived. In fact, I felt really really strong. It is an intoxicating feeling.

Later that same night I participated one last time in the jam session. It was bitter sweet as I knew it would be a long time before I saw any of these people again, not just because i was leaving, but also because the camp closes in the next week or so til next summer. So we played and partied and ate and said our goodbyes.

The next morning, I started the sequence of tasks associated with packing up my tent and gear. The tent pitches were mostly empty, a sharp contrast to a couple of weeks ago. It felt as if I had been here for months. Hard to believe it’s only been a week and a half. On a side note, contrary to the vibe projected in my posts and by my recollection of my travels, I am sad each and every time I leave a place. This time was no difference.

I spent a bit of extra time packing the gear in such a way that it balanced perfectly over the wheels of the trailer, otherwise pulling that heavy fucker through those hills would kill me. I must say that I am very proud of the evolution of my packing/balancing technique. Although uphill, it was still a bit of a grunt, on level ground, there was no extra effort.

I said my final goodbyes complete with hugs and faux tears and headed back to Ibiza town to retrieve the heavy ass battery. The ride was hard-ish, but much less so than the the last time I made it. I was happy with the progress.

Arrived at es xiringiuto. Carb burger. Battery packed. Route mapped. On the road. Ahhh…oops wait…ahh…rrh…uhng…what the…

The road to San Antonio. Hmmm. Someone forgot to tell me that it’s (a) a 4lane highway and (b) uphill for about 8.5km out of 15, and (c) has a big scary ass underground tunnel you have to go either thru or over. Shit! Luckily, the shoulder was reasonably wide that i didnt feel like i was too close to the very highspeed traffic At about km 6 i seriously started contemplating going back. I actually had to stop 3-4 times for 20-30mins each, to gulp water and cry. Dragging my whole rig up that hill kicked my ass! Then when I did finally make it, I am greeted by an access tunnel with lots of fast moving traffic. My choices were either thru or over or back. Back wasn’t an option at this point. I had worked too hard to get here. Over? Haha, I had enough trouble with the hill I had just come up. Going over this tunnel was like mountain climbing. Not even slightly an option, so that left “thru”.soooooo…

I started reflecting on my life. I’ve done some silly shit before but racing into dark tunnels dragging a load of heavy shit was new. But by this point I was commited. So off I went into the abyss.

Funnily enough, there was more than enough space on the side of the road in there for me to be almost a full lane away from any traffic and it was the begining of 6.5km of glorious downhill riding. Yaaaaaay!!!! Apparently the fear was worse than the reality.

Finally made it to San Antonio. First impressions!? Very very English. But I lived in England and loved it, so that doesn’t freak me out. Also, they worship the sunset on this side of the island. I’ve heard that it’s more tacky than Ibiza town but I don’t see it yet. If anything, the setup is slightly better; cliffs for communal sunset worship, right next to the port and everything walkable, but I will report back.

I checked into a campground here called San Antonio camping. I got a bungalo for a couple of nights because the tent camping is starting to
Kill my neck. Es Cana this is not, but it’s close to the action and seems safe enough.

I sorted a gig at a nice place called villa mercedes for Tuesday night. Gonna sort a busking license today as I hear they hang you for busking without one. These should conspire to place me back in Berlin by late next week. But we’ll see. L8r



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