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nomadic diary-“San Antonio vs Ibiza town” or “ahhhh, so that’s where all the Afro-Americans are!” September 9, 2010

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image686504430.jpgI’ve wanted to come to this island for years. I’ve read about it. I’ve dreamed about what it would be like to play and party here. I’ve watch documentaries about the unique nightclub brand tourism of this island. The only place in the world I’ve wanted to go more is Tokyo (foreshadowing…). And from the very beginning, I’ve heard a constant unchanging stream of criticisms about San Antonio with always changing variation on the same theme; British tourist, blah blah, punchups, yada yada, tacky, and on and on. But now that I’ve actually been here AND the other side of the island, let’s give my take…

Brits are Brits. They can be loud and they do love to get drunk, but from spending time on both sides of this island now, I feel safe in saying that Ibiza town, playa den bossa area, where all the clubs are, is just as ghetto. The difference?! The Italian-german-french sets all seem to congregate in Ibiza town and San Antonio is more focused on English speakers. To me, that’s the BIIIIIIIG fucking difference. If you don’t like speaking English, go to IT(Ibiza town), and if you mainly speak English, (it’s all about SA (San Antonio).

Other differences? Not that I could see. Each place us overrun with obnoxious 20-somethings, drinking to the point of collapse, with a self issued license to do all the retarded shit they can squeeze into the time aloted by their all-inclusive. The music is a perfectly flat landscape of earbleed crap with sporadic hills of decent music spotted around. I just found and played at the first funky/soulful house bar I’ve been able to locate on the entire island, last night! After having been here going door to door looking for one for what is now just over a month!

Of course there is some great dubstep, and even a smattering of DnB here. That’ll be €50 please…yeah…me either.

So beyond this, are there any actual differences? One, that I can see. It would seem that SA is where all the Afro-American tourists go as well. In IT, I haven’t seen hardly any, and yes, one can tell them from darkskinned people from other parts of the world.

Afro-American tourists fall into one of three categories;

older “family reunion/jazz festival types” with money. They usually have a Spellman or Howard university t-shirt on or travel in packs of 20-30 donning similar brightly colored t-shirts that will say something like “Prichard family reunion 2010-YES WE CAN!” in the front, and Evergreen United Municipal Baptist Episcopal Church of God in Christ, Ltd on the back. Their event is at one hotel and that where they will remain for the entire trip except for that one early morning walk on the beach to roll up one leg of their trousers and slosh exactly one foot in the ocean. Bikini?! HAHAHA!! you must be joking! Topless sunbathing? …..……….. Moving on…

The other category are usually from 25-45 years of age, and are the “unique” set. They tend to stick out and blend in simultaneously. They are a bit odd but very friendly, And they get along with just about everyone…no shit, EVERYONE. These are your Afro-punks; strange hair, piercings, and permanently mounted sunglasses of some sort. The chance of seeing them in the ocean decreases proportionately with the amount of effort and money expended on their hair, but it does happen.

The last group(which is by means the last group…just the last one I want to discuss right now. If you are interested, let me know and I will write a more in depth analysis) are, ironically, the most conservative; the homies. Which are very similar to what the British call “chavs”, except more quiet away from home because they don’t want everyone to know they are actually having a good time. I find the first two groups to be very conversational on holidays, but when i have attempted to engage the homies abroad in light conversation, they are too busy trying to suppress the urge to have fun, wondering if I am gay, or both. Looks like it takes a lot if energy to remain screw face for a week. Too bad for them. Characterized by their uniform of oversize tshirts, baggy shorts and high priced trainers WITH socks! Have mastered the art of looking unfazed in all situations, and won’t show any signs of life until the dj plays some hip hop, at which point they will regal you with their “hands in the air, feet glued to the ground, “AHHH, YEAH…!!” dance. You will not see them in the water as they are worse that Afro-American women when it comes to their cornrows/fade/press wave-hairdo. (definitely another post)

Yes, the Afro-American tourist is alive and well represented in San Antonio. So where does this folklore about SA being so much more ghetto than IT stem from? I believe, mistakenly or not, that it’s down to nation/neighbor politics. In my travels, I notice that people usually reserve hate or dislike, for people somewhat close to them. Most texans have no harsh words about Norwegians, but have loads to say about louisianans(close state neighbor), or Canadian (close national neighbor). For Instance,(my observations) Spanish people have their kick with Africans. English people and Germans, Americans and mexicans, to name some that I have witnessed. It not seething, simply familiar. Seems to me that monolinguals go to SA and multilingual go to IT. that theory could be pure bullshit, but that’s what it looks like to me. Feel free to correct me. I love Learning new shit.

Annnnnnnd next. As mentioned before, I finally found a place that plays soulful funky music, and if everything goes as planned today, I should be playing there every night for the remainder of my time on the island.

I went by there, Bay Bar, yesterday, and played a little for them and they made me a resident damn near on the spot. If all goes well, I may be back to
Play there next season as well!

Today I plan to force myslef to sleep as last night I brilliantly thought it was a good idea to have a coffee/brandy after my set and didn’t even pretend to sleep til about 6am. I have decided to hold onto this bungalo until at least tommorrow. If all goes well with the gig. I will keep it for the remainder of my time here, otherwise, I will start tenting again. Think I will close my eyes now. L8r.

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