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nomadic diary-time for some action September 10, 2010

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image2119049075.jpgcan you say “ghe-tow”? I’d say alligator clipping my equipment to the light fixture in this bungalo fullfills this definition. I don’t always go all “Mac Guyver” when faced with a dearth of power options, but now I have to get down to business. there is work to be done. sounds to design, songs to write, programs to create, and I can’t be hitting a cafe all day everyday to do it, especially not when a coffee costs €3.50.

it’s looking like I will finally be able to get my flight home to Berlin. I will be a late season resident at the Bay Bar in Ibiza to do it. last nights performance session went well enough that they are rewiring the place so i can be in a more prominent location. maybe it was when i tied my full size mic to my wind controller so as to enable vocoding, that they were sold (like i said…Ghe-tow). so it’s looking like another 2 weeks here, but I am 98% certain that i will be flying out of here on the 27th. so in the meantime….

I will be playing Bay Bar nightly which means that for my sanity and the sanity of the staff, I will be doing an obscene amount of sound design. I will create new sounds and effects, making use of my gestural system and databasing, to make new noises every night, with fx alterations to the old standbys like sax and minimoog. this amount of playing and sound design can only be a good thing for my beatjazz set. seems a good time to create an “ibiza” soundset for the tour recap album I am putting together.

i have also got to prepare for my live set at Villa Mercedes this coming tuesday. really nice place to near next to the port in San Antonio. They usually have a flamenco band every night, So I want to display a wide range of beatjazz techniques for that night; more fluid sound changes, mixing the improv looping with my DJing, vocoder layering taken to a more creative extreme, and many more gestural flourishes. which means…although I am still in Ibiza, the relaxing part of this adventure is officially over. once I start patching in pure data, there is a discernable shift in my vibe from the physical to the cerebral. these shows, and the inevitable afterparties and one offs, will ensure that Ibiza will be part of my summers for the next few years, so I must be in proper form.

along with the increased workload now, and intensive budgeting, I am also preparing for a show in Berlin at the end of the month at 16 doors on the 28th. this will be my unofficial birthday party. the official party is the following weekend at an undisclosed location. That party will be just a liiiiiitle bit nuts so it will be invite only. if you are in Berlin at that time and would like to come, MSG me on facebook, Twitter or email.

I will be laying out all of the projects I am working on for the next 12 month, shortly, but briefly, they are

*finishing the busking book (40% done)
*finishing and prototyping the beatjazz controller
*compiling this tour into an ebook with an associated EP
*reigniting Backlit Lounge in Berlin
*begin writing ” The Quantum Metaphor: the unified theory of beatjazz”

these are just the main projects, not including the teaching and speaking engagements and performances. in the next 2-3 weeks I will give you the opportunity to participate in these projects if you so desire, so thank you for your inquiries and stay tuned.

gotta go practice. l8r.



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