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nomadic diary-the long summer September 13, 2010

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image291447387.jpgI needed a few days to constuctively put my thoughts together. what a mental weekend. first with the debacle at that bar then the realization that maybe, just maybe, San Antonio is actually quite a bit more ghetto than Ibiza town. but the weekend summed up nicely with new friends and good times.

I decided late on Saturday to pack my music gear and come back to Ibiza town to dj and play at es xiriguito. and man! the differnce was soo noticiable. instantly I felt more relaxed. the vibe was simply more chilled. dj don diego and I created one of the most intersting sets I’ve ever been part of. great night. no stress.

afterward I biked it back over to my playa den bossa camping spot. i feared that maybe others may have discovered the obvious awesomeness of te location but no…it was just as I had left it. I pitched my tent, crawled inside and drifted off to sleep to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore….ahhhhhh. but…

I had left the majority of my stuff in the bungalo in San Antonio, so I had to huff back out there Sunday morning, check out, and retrieve the heaviest of my gear to pull back thru 15km of hills, which is nowhere near the ordeal it was just a couple of months ago, especially after talking to a Moroccan cat who told me about his bike journeys from Germany to Morroco and biking through REAL mountains-sometimes uphill for four hours at a time, followed by 10-20km downhill stretches where he’d reach speeds of up to 78km and hour and how he sometimes feared for his life. my 20-30km jumps didn’t seems so arduous after that .

I arrived back in Ibiza town in the late afternoon and after a bit of deliberation, I decided to go to borra borra where their epic Sunday beach party was well underway. I ran into some new friends who completely obliterated my generalization of Black american tourists in my previous post by being just cool and normal and here to have a good time with no stress. and man! we partied! very memorable night.

I haven’t partied in a few weeks (weeks?!) but decided that I should have one more throw down because I am leaving the island by ferry on Thursday. I have a couple of performances starting with my debut performance at villa mercedes in San Antonio tommorrow night, then this weekend in sitges, Spain at the Rock cafe. more dates may be added in the next few days. but they all lead, inexorably, to Berlin.

right now I’ve got to go hit. practice for tommorrow and all that. l8r



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