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nomadic diary- my last post from Ibiza September 15, 2010

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image951220143.jpg“the little busking tour that could”.

yesterday was a little anxiety inducing. I had not gotten any confirmation for the gig at Villa Mercedes. I had sent emails and txt messages but had gotten no responses. I was worried that maybe they had forgotten which, historcally is unfounded. most gigs happen with no problems but after my experience with that other place (no free advertisment for them by mentioning their name), I didn’t k ow whether it may just be a San Antonio thing or something.

I biked from Ibiza town to San Antonio at around 11am and let me note that I did it in the rain. the importance of this will be apparent later in this post. I rented the same bungalo I had before, dropped off the kit and proceeded over to the venue where I was greeted with a chained gate and a sign advertising a jazz quartette. although my first thought was that it was from the previous night, I wasn’t completely sure, hence my anxiety.

so I went back to the bungalo, and wired my gear up to the light fixture again and decided to practice. let me note that if you ever have to do this, you still need a ground of some sort So I clamped the ground plug on my power strip and clamped the other end to my toenail…grounding problem solved. FYI…

the afternoon consisted mostly of tweaking sounds and short bike runs to see if the venue was open. I was starting to worry as this was to be my “get off the island” fund. I do love it here and I do plan to ome back next season, but, um, it’s timeto go! I came, I played. i busked. I biked. i have done everything i wanted to do here and now I wanted to get back to Berlin to work on new projects. So the thought of another week or two scrambling around the island was stressing me out. butni decided to focus on practice to take my mind off of it.

at 6, our designated meet up time, I rolled over to the venue where there were now a couple of employees chatting and as you would expect, they were expecting me and happy to see me.

the show was quite enjoyable if a bit empty because of the lack of tourists. it’s end of season now and San Antonio drops dead around this time from what I am told although it wakes up again briefly for the “closing parties” that bring tourists back briefly at the end of September. it went well and everyone was happy, with an invite for me to play There regularly for next season. alls well that ends well.

I biked back ths morning. this time, the ride was a piece if cake. mental note. a breakfast with some form of meat in it coupled with a snickers bar 15 minute before the ride, does wonders for endurance. I made it back to Ibiza town in 35 minutes flat, and proceeded straight to the ferry port and purchased my ticket for 11am tommorrow morning. yaaaaaay!!! I’m going home! but wait…

I am hoping I have enough money to get all the way to Berlin. if I do, great!! I should be home by Saturday. if I don’t, 2 months of heavy biking will come inhandy. I will try to take a bus to the flatest part of north-western Europe and bike/busk the rest of the way. 2 months ago, I would not have considered this possibility. but I feel so
much stronger and more confident now. I feel lik I can do it if I must. as there aren’t too many mountains because confidence does not negate that I am
still on a 2-speed folding bike dragging gear in a bike trailer. and on that subject.

I am considering leaving the battery behind. it is very useful to have a power source with you, but this thing is simply HEAVY. It limits my path options greatly. anything more than a steep hill is not even slightly an option. mountains are unridable. BUT, being able to power your stuff anywhere is gold! I don’t know yet. although it is looking like I “might” jettison the battery, I am still weighing it out.

I will try to write a post tommorrow on the ferry, butafter that, I can not predict the next part of this adventure, so stat tuned. L8r.



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