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an explanation of the pleas for help i posted this morning September 17, 2010

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image1449460822.jpgthis morning I posted pleas for anyone to call eurolines to get them to talk to this particular window clerk concerning transport of my bike butni feel that I should explain the situation clearly.

first off, as most of you know, I am a proud brompton owner/rider. a brompton, for those that don’t know, is a very high quality bike that folds down to about the size and shape of a medium sized piece of luggage. I purchased it specifically for this reason. I have flown with it and have taken it on dozens of buses to multiple countries. in fact, i specifically checked with national express and eurolines concerning bromptons and was told that in their folded form, a perfectly fine. cool. and I never had a problem until this morning.

I got off the ferry from Ibiza and went as quickly as possible to the Barcelona norte bus station to buy my ticket. I decide to take the bus back to Berlin because of the weight of my stuff(approx 60kg) and the number of bags, 3 not including carry on, which an airline would charge me exorbitantly for. I snagged the LAST ticket for a direct bus to Berlin leaving the following morning. the next one wouldn’t be til monday or tuesday. yay for me. so i rolled around Barcelona for a bit and then just went back to the station to await the 8:30 check in.

at 8:30, I arrange everything on the trailer to make it more transportable to the bus, and I go to check in. as soon as the woman behind the glass saw the bike seat-bike folded, no wheels even visible- she starts nodding her head back and forth, “no no no no no, no bicilete” to which I tried to explain that this folding bike is approved for eurolines. at this point it got surreal.

she slammed her hand down and screamed no, as if my explanation offended her. I was thinking ,”whoooa, where did that come from?!”. now she’s yelling at me and calling security. security?! for what?! I had not been rude or agressive but yet she’s screaming at me.

security arrives and starts saying the same thing and I’m trying to tell him wat I was told by eurolines and he could not have cared less. they weren’t interested in cheking or finding a reasonable solution. they were simple being outright mean without provocation.

let me say, which I wasn’t going to say before, that I had only heard about racial attitudes here after I had already arrived in July. i witnessed and was subject to a few incidents, but nothing bad. simply irritating. but this was something else. while I was talking to the security guy, he got agressive as well, as if he were going to taser or mace me or whatever that thing was he kept reaching fo r.

at this point, i found an open wifi point and made my Twitter/facebook plea from my iphone. apparently it worked because 10 minutes before my bus was supposed to leave she goes to the back and gets a brompton sized box for me. WHY THE FUCK COULDNT SHE HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE?!?! I had to start an international calling campaign just to get a box she should/could have given me to start with! WTF?! and was cursing me while handing me my boarding pass.

so for those of you who called on my behalf, especially julia, thank you! because I think the calls actually worked wonders.

with that, I am on the bus and I “should” be back in Berlin tommorow. see u soon!



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