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Onyx Ashanti – Under Construction (inner child edition) November 28, 2010

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Hey kids! It’s been a while!  happy winter and all that.  I felt like it was time to get back in the blogging saddle.  I havent posted in a while because…well…I really just haven’t felt like it.  I know it should be more profound than that but i figure that one well thought out, heartfelt post is worth 10 spam posts.  Sometimes its better to get on with “doing” than talking about doing.  and really…do you really want to know what groceries i buy and that i had 3 too many beers last Friday night? (ok…way more than 3 too many, but that’s literary license).

The brief synopsis of the last 3 months has been moving into a GREAT new flat here in Berlin. renewing my visa and,most excitingly, having begun to work, creatively,  with a wonderful software-synth company who shall remain nameless for right now. its been a very busy active time here, but not stuff I wanted blog about meticulously.
Now, having settled into the new crib and gotten comfortable,i feel i can give you a proper “state of the union” update.  firstly.  I mentioned in a post earlier in the year, that i needed to see some profound changes to my life and career to justify continuing on this artistic path beyond this year.  I was a bit…funky about the lack of momentum with certain aspects of my career.  I, over the years, have created many many ideas that never “took off” (more on that i n a sec) so i allowed myself to get a bit discouraged. but then i had to think…did those ideas actually not take off or was it that people werent ready for them?  it may sound like the same thing, but its not.  like my “i’ll play on your track for free” idea.  not one person took me up on it. NOT ONE!  at the time i took it as a judgement of myself and my playing.  now i realize that many people need someone to point them to things.  in other words, not to hear “me” say “hey,i’ll play on your track…” but to hear someone else say it about me.  and that’s just one of many many MANY ideas. while biking and busking around europe this summer i got a chance to think about it more. and i was reminded of the concept of having an “inner child” and to take care of that child as you would any other. Once you allow self-defeating crap to take the wind out of your sail…to crush the dreams of a child that is still inside you, other aspects of your life start to seem pointless.  it puts a different perspective on all of it. MY inner child creates things that may or may not be popular or profitable, but that same child CREATES.  My Inner child HATES, booking gigs and chasing money.  I always believed that I “had to” do those things-I have to exist somewhat within the system.  which is bullshit.  a friend of mine brought up a website dedicated to people obsessed with navel fluff (no shit heres the link http://www.feargod.net/fluff.html ) YES!!! My inner child wants to be a superhero and shoot lasers from his eyes, and make sound beams that blast through walls and talk to aliens!
so it was with much thought that have made a few somewhat obvious addendums to my career concept.  first,may seem obvious but I am a full time artist which means that all the other stuff that is not creating music with technology (or biking) is off my radar.  I LOVE doing shows of course but I’m not really concerned with booking shows anymore.  its a headache i don’t really need.  i make my living vagabonding around the world now.  if you want me to come do a show, email me, otherwise, I will be concentrating on creating freaky shit for the parties i do for myself and my friends. all i want to do is create really dope futuristic shit and i don’t want to have to think about whether or not this crowd or that clique will dig it because i, officially, don’t give a shit.  just so happens that my experimentation with gestures and sound design combined with my pay-what-you-want disc allow me the freedom to not have to sit on the phone with someone who’s never seen any of my youtube vids, explaining what a wind controller is and why i should play their event.  good riddance.
And in the inner child category of whats going on, it’s all WEEEEEEEEE for an O.G. (original geek). (note; it gets pretty geeky from here) first and foremost I finally shoe-horned pure data in between my wind controller and my soft-synth rack!  I KNOW!! I’M STOKED TOO!!  what does this mean?  well, basically right now, the horns data goes directly to the synths.  i can play a synth with note, breath and lip controls. its very expressive but still limited.  NOW, I intercept that data as it comes from the horn,in real-time, and can manipulate it in any way imaginable before it goes on to the synths. basically, remember in the Matrix when Morpheus took Neo into the “loading program”-the white room where he explained that they could create anything they needed to take with them into the matrix?  yeah,its that.
so,on the simple simple tip, i can now play real monophonic chords with a patch i made. i blow, then each note i play holds until i stop blowing…simple but undoable for me until now.  on the complex tip, the horn now integrates with my iphone gestural system to allow me to use note and breath data to control sound design parameters live and in real time using accelerometer data.  so now blowing, playing a particular midi note and moving my right hand ( the one with the iphone strapped to it) allow me to have an unlimited number of sound design parameters,all controllable in real time!  what does this mean? i can literally create ANY sound i want and make chords,which are also infinitely sonically variable.  THIS is where my dedication lies now and it is very very exciting! not to even mention the new preand post loop processing systems i’ve designed. my first demo of this new system will be Friday at 16 doors in Berlin (Reutestr 47,neukoelln, 9:30pm). Me and the other 5 people who show up are gonna party HARD!
As far as the near future beyond this week, there are two items of interest.  the first one is my mythical busking book.  as you can see from the mindmap of the outline, it’s become a bit more ambitious than the 50-60 page e-book i had originally planned. but now that i’m not biking around an island or living in a tent, i am dutifully back on the case, although i’m not going to give a completion date, suffice it to say, i’m working on it.  the second item is another O.G.-Inner child focus; I want to give a TED talk on Beatjazz…one day.  don’t know when.  I have, to date, given exactly 1 talk on Beatjazz and i was nervous to the point of nausea so i have much work to do; history, empirical data, powerpoint, yaaaaaay!  this is the shit i love!  so over the next 12-18 months you will see me posting about more speaking engagements including one in January, in preparation for attempting this particular goal.
from OJ with loveSo there it is.  3 months condensed to one post.  I will be posting more often over the course of the next 3-6 months about a wide range of ideas and topics but i wanted to get this one out of the way.  I have a show at 16 doors in Neukoelln on Dec 3rd. if you can make it,come.  just know that I’M going to have a GREAT time either way! Merry (-insert politically correct holiday classification here-)!!


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